Al-Quds Day rallies condemn Israeli atrocities

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif urges international community to pressure Israel to stop its oppression.

ISLAMABAD: Rallies and protest demonstrations were held across Pakistan on the last Friday of Ramazan which is observed as the Al-Quds day every year.

This year, the day saw huge turnouts at the rallies due to the record breaking atrocities on the people of Gaza by the Zionist forces since October 7, 2023.

The participants of the rallies chanted slogans against Israel and its backers for trampling human rights and killing unarmed civilians in Gaza. the speakers on the occasion said that Israel has now become exposed as murderer of Palestinian and people across the globe condemn it.

They said that the Zionist state was now fighting for its very survival as its brutal use of force and bombardments have failed to subdue the brave people of Gaza.

The speakers also assailed the international community and the UN for their failure to provide justice to the people of Palestine and Kashmir even after decades.

They said that despite the recent resolution passed by UN Security Council, the Zionist state continue its manslaughter without any check and the international community was looking at the atrocities as a silent spectator.

They called upon the Muslims the world over to get united and fight for their rights without looking to their rulers who have become puppets at the hands of their masters in the West.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif urged the international community to play its role in pressuring Israel to halt oppression on Palestinians. He said over 32,000 Palestinians, including 17,000 children, had been killed and 70,000 others injured since Oct 7.

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