Asha talks about her rivalry with late sister Lata Mangheskar

Asha Bhosle finally spoke about the so-called rivalry that existed between her and her late sister Lata Mangheskar.

Although, there was competition, it was a healthy one. While talking about the same, Asha revealed her relationship with Lata on the 77th Independence Day. She recalled how a music director once called her, thinking that she had sung her sister’s song.

Asha told Rajdeep Sardesai: “I clarified that it was not me but Lata didi and excused myself. That day, I thought that I need to do something different, otherwise I would not be able to make a mark for myself because Lata didi is already there. I used to watch English films and musicals and tried to incorporate some of those elements into my singing.”

The Jhoomka Gira Re singer also revealed the love her extremely talented late sister had for her. She revealed the Zara Si Aahat singer left school because her youngest sister was not allowed to tag along with her.

“At that time, we would pay 8 anna as tuition fee. I would just tag along with Lata didi. One day, the teacher said. ‘Will both of you receive education for the price of one? Leave her at home.”

“Lata didi started crying, I also started crying, and we both complained to our father. He said, ‘No need to go to school’. We received homeschooling after that”, shared Asha.

The 89-year-old playback singer also revealed that she grew up watching her late sister sing songs with different variations, reports India Today.

Asha Bhosle added: “Whenever I had to record with didi, I had to anticipate how she will sing. It was both our habits to incorporate a ‘twist’ into the song. So, I had to think what twist she could add and prepare myself for my twist. It was always a healthy competition.”

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