Bill tabled in NA to form commission for minorities

Move is aimed at protecting rights of minorities envisaged in the constitution, says lawmaker.

ISLAMABAD: In order to ensure all constitutional and legal rights of the religious minorities in Pakistan, a commission is being formed through an Act of parliament.

In this regard, the National Assembly secretariat has received a bill seeking to establish National Commission for Minorities.

The bill was tabled by minority Member of the National Assembly,m Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani.

Under the bill, the commission will comprise 30 members representing various religious groups. It will be headed by a representative from the minorities.

Dr Kumar has for long been active in formulating laws aimed at protecting the rights of the minorities in the country that are often violated with impunity.

Dr Kumar while talking to media outside Parliament House said that theĀ  establishment of the National Minority Commission was aimed at protecting the rights of the minorities as per the Constitution of Pakistan.

The commission will be based in Islamabad, but it may open more offices in different parts of the country as needed.

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