Consulate General hails New York Assembly’s resolutions on Pakistan

March 23 proclaimed as Pakistan-American Heritage Day and 14th August as Pakistan Independence Day.

NEW YORK: The Consulate General of Pakistan here has appreciated the New York State Assembly’s recent adoption of three  resolutions, proclaiming 23rd March as Pakistan-American Heritage Day, 14th August as Pakistan Independence Day, and congratulating the American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC) for its contributions to the state.

The New York State Assembly unanimously passed two resolutions proclaiming March 23rd as Pakistan-American Heritage Day and August 14th as Pakistan Independence Day, respectively.

These resolutions honor the historical significance of these dates and also acknowledge the invaluable contributions made by Pakistani-Americans across various fields including education, medicine, science, technology, business, and industry.

These two resolutions were the result of the efforts made by the American-Pakistani Advocacy Group (APAG), a leading non-profit social service and advocacy organization based in New York, comprising of a group of young entrepreneurs and community activists, with the active support of the Consulate General of Pakistan in New York.

APAG had also previously successfully campaigned to get unanimous adoption of New York State Assembly Resolution No. 201 proclaiming 23rd March 2019, as “Pakistan Day” in the State of New York.

A third New York State Assembly resolution congratulates the American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC) for its commendable efforts in promoting understanding and cooperation between New York State and the provinces of Punjab and Sindh in Pakistan.

The resolution recognizes the pivotal role played by APPAC in organizing cultural events, educational programs, and business initiatives aimed at strengthening ties between the people of these regions.

The consulate general commended the efforts made by American-Pakistani Advocacy Group (APAG) and American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC) for their relentless efforts in garnering support for these resolutions, which serve to foster greater cultural understanding and collaboration between Pakistan and the State of New York. 

During the session of the New York State Assembly, Consul General Aamer Ahmed Atozai was honored with a citation and proclamation for his outstanding leadership and dedicated service to the Pakistani-American community in New York. This recognition underscores the Consulate General’s commitment to fostering collaboration with the city administration and various departments of New York State for the betterment of all communities.

The adoption of these resolutions by the New York State Assembly and Senate reflects a moment of great national pride. It highlights the significant influence of the Pakistani-American community within the state apparatus of New York.

It also presents an opportunity to further strengthen the relations between Pakistan and the State of New York through continued collaboration and partnership.

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