DC Soccer Club champions Pakistani-made soccer balls

Pak Soccer balls touch kids' lives every day: Chairperson DC Soccer Club; Our sports goods connect nations: Masood Khan.

WASHINGTON: “We are incredibly happy with the quality of the soccer balls that are made in Pakistan.

“In addition to just the quality of the ball, the branding that is put on it is identifiable,” said Mr. Grey Andrulis, Executive Director DC Soccer Club, during his meeting with Ambassador Masood Khan at the Embassy of Pakistan.

He was accompanied by Zainab Schwartz, Chairperson, Board of Directors, DC Soccer Club.

“You can go to any park in DC, a soccer park and see a soccer ball that has been made in Pakistan,” he observed.

“We get great prices and great quality balls,” he continued. Even delivery is always on time,” he added.

Highlighting the strength and reliability of soccer balls made in Pakistan, Mr. Andrulis noted that even the four to five years used balls “have scuffs and stuff, but they are still good balls because they are so strong.”

“I can tell you is that we have returns on uniforms but nobody ever brings back a Pak-made soccer balls,” he observed.

“I am very proud that my country, Pakistan is represented in kids’ life on a daily basis,” said Zainab Schwartz, Chairperson, Board of Directors, DC Soccer Club.

DC Soccer Club is the largest soccer club tri-state DMV area comprising the capital city of Washington and the surrounding portions of Maryland and Virginia. Founded in 1977 as DC Stoddert Soccer, the club has a membership of over 7500 kids. The Club gets around 2500 made-in-Pakistan soccer balls on annual basis.

Thanking the management of DC Soccer Club for their compliments and trust in made-in-Pakistan soccer balls, Ambassador Masood Khan highlighted that Pakistan was producing 70% of the world soccer balls.

“Our sports goods connect people. Our signature products are promoting human wellbeing, healthy minds and healthy societies,” said the Ambassador.

“We are proud of the quality of our exports. We are focused on making our products even more competitive to secure greater market share,” he observed.

The ambassador also welcomed suggestion made by Chairperson DC Soccer Club to hold Embassy Cup in 2025 as precursor to 2026 FIFA World Cup.

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