Gunmen kill more than 60 in concert attack near Moscow

Russia says it was 'bloody terrorist attack', Islamic State claims responsibility.

MOSCOW (Reuters): Camouflage-clad gunmen opened fire with automatic weapons at concertgoers near Moscow, killing at least 60 people and injuring 145 others.
Islamic State militants claimed responsibility.
In the¬†deadliest attack¬†in Russia since the 2004 Beslan school siege, gunmen sprayed civilians with bullets just before Soviet-era rock group “Picnic” was to perform to a full house at the 6,200-seat the Crocus City Hall just west of the capital.
Verified video showed people taking their seats in the hall, then rushing for the exits as repeated gunfire echoed above screams. Other video showed men shooting at groups of people. Some victims lay motionless in pools of blood.
“Suddenly there were bangs behind us – shots. A burst of firing – I do not know what,” one witness, who asked not to be identified by name, told Reuters.
“A stampede began. Everyone ran to the escalator,” the witness said. “Everyone was screaming; everyone was running.”

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