India should show flexibility on Kashmir: defense minister

Says until elections are held in India, neither New Delhi nor Islamabad would initiate trade talks.

ISLAMABAD: Defense minister Khowaja Muhammad Asif on Sunday said if India shows flexibility on the issue of Kashmir, traders relations between the two neighboring countries can resume.

Speaking at a TV program, the defense minister however added that until elections are held in India later this year, neither New Delhi nor Islamabad will initiate any trade talks. 

About the Middle East tension, the minister said that Israel carried out an attack on the embassy of an independent country Iran in which lives were lost, so Tehran was justified in attacking Israel in retaliation. He said whatever was being done against Iran was due to Tehran’s unflinching support to the oppressed people of Gaza.

He said the consequences of the Gaza war will spread and also hit the major countries that have been backing the Zionist state of Israel.

He also said that Pakistan had always been a supporter of Palestinian people and stood by them and had been praying for their success in their struggle against Israeli occupation.

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