Joint exercise of special forces concludes in KP

Special forces from four countries attend the exercise called Fajal Al Sharq V, says ISPR.

RAWALPINDI: Special forces from Pakistan, Bahrain, Iraq and Kuwait took part in a joint exercise conducted in Pabbi town of Khyber Pakthunkhwa.

The two-week long special forces exercise was no named Fajar Al Sharq V. was held at National Counter Terrorism Centre, Pabbi.

Special forces from these countries  displayed their professional excellence on the final day.

“The exercise was aimed at further harnessing the historic military to military relations amongst brotherly countries and help nurture joint employment concepts against counter terrorism.”

The exercise identified areas of mutual interest for future military collaborations.

It is a routine for armed forces of different countries to conduct joint exercises and exchange views and expertise yo gain experience from each other.

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