Malaria, pneumonia break out in Gwadar after record rain

Hospitals flooded with patients. Doctors say cases rising due to lack of drainage systems.

GWADAR: An outbreak of malaria and pneumonia cases has been reported in the port city of Balochistan after the recent record breaking rains hot the area.

Hospitals in the port city if Balochistan are being flooded by malaria and pneumonia poo patients. Doctors say due to lack of medicine and beds the hospitals were facing problems in treating the patients.

Local people say that due to absence of  proper drainage systems in the city, rainwater accumulated in all residential areas. In many be localities the standing water was mixing with the drinking water due to leaking supply system.

The city already has a few poorly equipped hospitals that lack proper facilities. After the rains brought destruction to the city, there was an unprecedented rush of patients in hospitals.

It has been learnt that most of the people suffering from malaria and pneumonia were being kept at their homes without treatment.

Meanwhile, medical teams formed by GDA Indus Hospital and army have set up camps for treatment of patients in different parts of Gwadar and its nearby areas. 

Local residents expressed the fear that the situation could worsen in coming days as the government was yet to take steps to deal with the rising number of cases and supply mm medicine to hospitals.

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