Maqbool Butt paid tribute as hero of Kashmir freedom movement

Caretaker prime minister's special assistant says Butt was an icon of the Kashmiri struggle for self-determination.

MUZAFFARABAD: Maqbool Butt Shaheed was paid rich tributes as the hero of Kashmir freedom movement on his 40th martyrdom day on February 11.

It may be recalled that the legendary Kashmir liberation fighter Maqbool Butt was sent to the infamous and notorious Tihar jail in New Delhi by the Indian authorities where he was hanged on February 11, 1984, for his freedom struggle.

Maqbool Butt’s martyrdom day was observed in different parts of Azad and occupied Kashmir as well as Pakistan and abroad.

In this regard, different events were held in which speakers highlighted the struggle of the Kashmiris for freedom from the illegal Indian occupation.

They said that Maqbool Butt laid the foundation for the struggle of the Kashmiri people. The struggle still continues with the valiant people rendering sacrifices without accepting the subjugation of the India.

In a gathering, Mushaal Hussain Mullik, wife of jailed freedom fighter Yasin Malik, also paid tribute to Maqbool Butt and described him as an icon of the Kashmiri freedom movement.

She said that Maqbool Butt was a man of integrity and principles and sacrificed his life for the sake of the Kashmir cause and set an example for others.

She said that the example made by Maqbool Butt and other freedom fighters paved the way for the Kashmiri people who are still fighting the illegal Indian rule.

Like Maqbool Butt, Yasmin Malik has also been jailed in a fake case in the same notorious jail and sentenced to death in order to silence the Kashmiris’ voice for their right to self-determination.

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