Pakistan achieves another milestone in space endeavours

ISLAMABAD: In a historic event today, Pakistan successfully launched the Pakistan Multi Mission Communication Satellite (PakSat-MM1), marking a significant milestone in the nation’s space and communication capabilities.
This advanced geostationary satellite, equipped with state-of-the-art communication technologies, reinforces Pakistan’s presence in geostationary orbit and aims to enhance satellite-based communication services across the country.

PakSat-MM1 is poised to provide a robust, independent national communication platform, essential for the realization of the “Digital Pakistan” initiative. This initiative is set to accelerate the development of a digitized ecosystem, fostering a knowledge-based economy and driving socio-economic growth.

The satellite’s capabilities are particularly critical for delivering high-speed broadband internet services via satellite, thereby improving connectivity in the most remote and underserved regions of Pakistan.

This advancement is expected to significantly contribute to the socioeconomic uplift of these areas, bridging the digital divide and enhancing overall national development.

PakSat-MMl stands as a testament to Pakistan’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology for national progress, ensuring both the commercial and public sectors benefit from improved communication infrastructure.

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