Pakistan calls for world strategy to combat fake news

Ambassador condemns censorship, internet blackouts and spread of fake news by occupation forces.

NEW YORK: Pakistan has called for international strategy and laws to check spread of fake news and propaganda by occupation regimes in territories such as Palestine and Kashmir.

The call was made by Pakistan’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Usman Jadoon

He was speaking at the interactive dialogue on the code of conduct for information integrity on digital platforms in New York.

There is an urgent need forĀ  a strategy and rules and regulations for combating disinformation and fake news in order to safeguard human rights, he said.

Ambassador Jadoon stressed the need for protecting rights of people under foreign occupation, condemning censorship, internet blackouts, and the spread of fake news by occupation forces as attempts to discredit legitimate freedom movements.

Most of the war in today’s world is fought and won through technology and social media propaganda and fake news. As people in occupied territories lack resources, they easily fall prey to propaganda and become victims of psychological warfare.

The examples of these are evident in occupied Kashmir and Palestine where there is no check on online propaganda and spread of fake news promoting the narratives of the occupation regimes.

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