Pakistanis booked for forgery in Canadian banks

Investigation underway against others involved in such illegal acts, say police.

TORONTO: Police in the Canadian city of Toronto have registered cases against 12 Pakistanis on the charge of filing forged papers to banks.

The police booked at least 12 people who were found involved in opening bank accounts by submitting fake and forged documents.

The police said that hundreds of fake debit and credit cards and foreign currency amounting to 0.3 million have been recovered from the suspects.

The 12 persons booked by the police under different charges had submitted 680 fake documents to banks for opening accounts and making different transactions. The police said that further investigation was underway against the suspects.

The police identified the suspects as Hamza Baig, Hasnain Akram, Zille Ali Chaudhry, Rashid Iqbal, Rana Faisal, Masood Khan, Usman Saif, Ali Sana, Sabte Hussain and Moeed Tanvir.

According to the police, they were investigating to ascertain if other persons were also involved in the illegal activity.

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