Pakistan’s largest national flag to be unfurled in Karachi

The flag measuring a staggering 200 feet in width and 130 feet in height covers an impressive 26 thousand square feet.

KARACHI: The metropolitan city is abuzz with activity as artisans work diligently on the creation of the nation’s largest flag in two decades.

This monumental effort involves the combined skills of around 25 artisans who are meticulously crafting a spectacular flag measuring a staggering 200 feet in width and 130 feet in height, covering an impressive 26 thousand square feet, a local newspaper reported.

The intricate process of marking, cutting, and stitching the flag’s symbols, including a moon and star measuring 6,500 square feet, has already been successfully completed. The awe-inspiring crescent flag, adorned with its verdant crescent and star, is poised to be unveiled on the upcoming Independence Day, August 14th, in the historic city of Jhelum.

This mammoth all-green crescent flag is being fashioned with precision and care on the lush expanse of Koken Park, signifying a momentous achievement for the city of Karachi. Notably, this colossal national flag represents a remarkable milestone, being the largest of its kind produced in the past two decades.

The dedicated efforts of the artisans, from the initial stages in the factory to its final installation, are shaping this emblem of national pride.

Sheikh Asim Pargamwala, the General Manager of VIP Flag, a renowned flag-making company, shared insights into the elaborate flag-making process. He revealed that the flag’s initial stages were undertaken at the Korangi factory, where machinery played a vital role in stitching the fabric together.

This painstaking phase spanned several days, culminating in the delicate process of merging the green and white fabric to create the iconic moon and star design.

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