PTI says protests against rigging will not stop

Several workers and supporters rounded up in different cities, mostly in Punjab.

LAHORE: Several workers and supporters of the PTI were rounded up by police as they launched protests against alleged rigging in different parts of the country.

The PTI central office in the federal capital of Islamabad said that the protests will not stopped, asking the government to release its workers and hold a judicial inquiry into the rigging in the February 8 general elections. 

The PTI said that after the masses threw their full support to the PTI in the general elections, the group of political parties backed by then establishment and the caretaker government stole the public mandate. 

Besides the judicial inquiry, the PTI has also started putting pressure on the government to release party founder and former prime minister Imran Khan. Elected chief minister of Khyber Pakthunkhwa Ali Amin Gandapur in his maiden speech in the house asked the federal government to release Khan without delay.

He also warned the government to quash all cases registered against the PTI leaders and workers in connection with the May 9 incidents in the country.

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