Rs500m spent on free treatment of poor patients in Ramazan

Over 21500 patients benefit from Sehat Card in 13 days of Ramazan.

Irshadullah Khan

PESHAWAR: Since the onset of Ramazan till Sunday (March 24) evening, as many as 21,512 patients have received admission to both private and public hospitals, availing themselves of the free treatment under the Health Facilitation Program (Health Card) of the KP government.

This initiative has seen an expenditure exceeding 500 million rupees in just 13 days, highlighting the significant financial commitment to providing essential healthcare services to those in need, according to documents available with News Diplomacy.

With an infusion of Rs5 billion, treatment services were reinstated in 118 hospitals across the province starting from the 1st of Ramazan, March 12th. The impact was immediately felt, with a notable influx of patients seeking medical attention.

For instance, on the first day of treatment restoration, 1,497 patients were admitted, followed by 1,803 on March 13th, and 1,934 on March 14th. This trend continued with the State Life Insurance Corporation joining efforts on March 15th, facilitating treatment for an additional 1,704 patients.

The momentum persisted, with 1,694 patients admitted on March 16th, 21 patients on March 17th, and a substantial increase to 3,010 patients on March 18th. The trend of rising admissions continued, with 2,616 patients on March 19th, 2,444 patients on March 20th, and 2,352 patients on March 21st.

Even on March 22nd, 1,823 patients sought treatment, followed by 511 patients on March 23rd.

However, on Sunday, a notable shift occurred, with 103 individuals benefitting from hospital admissions through the Sahat Card Plus program.

It is noteworthy that data indicates a surge in hospital admissions during Mondays and Tuesdays, leading to a temporary closure of outpatient departments (OPDs) even during holidays. This fluctuation has impacted the overall admission rate, with a subsequent decline during closed OPD hours.

Nevertheless, as the program continues, thousands more patients are expected to seek medical assistance, underscoring the pressing need for accessible healthcare services. To date, a commendable sum of 50 crore 7 lakh 59 thousand 248 rupees has been expended on catering to the medical needs of these patients.

With a network comprising 60 government and 58 private sector hospitals, the restored treatment facilities aim to ensure equitable access to quality healthcare for all individuals, regardless of their socio-economic background or circumstances.

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