Tribal woman breaks barriers to join police

Erum Mohammad says women can bring a unique approach to law enforcement.

PESHAWAR: In a first, Erum Mohmand has joined the Balochistan police breaking all barriers and taboos in her tribal district.

Erum has been appointed as a sub-inspector in the provincial police force, following in the footsteps of her father, SSP Sajid Khan Mohmand, who embraced martyrdom during a suicide attack carried out by terrorists in Chaman in July 2017.

Sajid’s dedication to duty and sacrifice for the defence of the country left a lasting impact on his daughter, who expressed pride in being the brave daughter of a courageous father.

Emphasising the importance of women’s participation in community policing, Erum, who holds a degree from Peshawar University, believes that women can bring a unique approach to law enforcement. Her entry into the Balochistan Police marks a historic moment for her family and the Mohmand tribal district.

“I will continue my father’s mission, as he was deeply passionate about serving the nation. I, too, will not step back in defending our country,” she added.

Her recruitment into the police force is not only a matter of pride for her family but also a milestone in promoting gender equality and empowering women in traditionally male-dominated fields.

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