After COAS’s remarks, PTI calls for release of political prisoners

Gohar Ali Khan says healing touch should not mean forming a coalition govt by political parties who have no majority.

ISLAMABAD: Soon after the army chief congratulated the nation on completion of the election process, PTI leaders called for the release of political prisoners including Imran Khan. 

According to ISPR, Gen Asim Munir said nation needed a healing touch to move on from politics of anarchy and polarization.

“Elections are not a zero-sum competition of winning and losing but an exercise to determine the mandate of the people,” he added.

In reaction to the army chief’s remarks, PTI leader Gohar Ali Khan said without releasing political prisoners, including PTI founder and former prime minister Imran Khan, the army chief’s ‘vision’ could not materialize. He said the army chief’s remarks should not lead to a coalition government of the losing political parties.

He said 95 out of the 102 total independent candidates were backed by the PTI and they were with the party and will remain with it. The PTI will also contest results in at least 50 seats where it considers results have been manipulated.

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