Civil judge’s wife arrested in maid torture case

Accused' lawyers say she was not involved in tourturing the girl.

ISLAMABAD: The civil judge’s wife accused of torturing her 13-year-old maid has been arrested after a court in Islamabad rejected her plea to extend the interim bail on Monday.

The court proceedings took place where suspect Somia Asim, accompanied by her lawyers, appeared in front of Additional Sessions Judge Farukh Farid. During the hearing, Judge Farukh Farid inquired about the record of the case against the accused.

The suspect’s lawyer informed the court that Somia Asim had appeared before the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and proclaimed her innocence. The police record states that Somia Asim did not commit any act of violence.

Meanwhile, the lawyer representing the victims urged the court to cancel the suspect’s bail. At this, Judge Baloch said that the accused person in the case was bound to be investigated under all circumstances.

According to the accused’s lawyer, Somia Asim repeatedly asked to send the maid back. She explained that the young girl who is unable to get up at this time, was sitting at the bus stop for more than two hours.

The lawyer of the accused said that Somia Asim returned the young girl to her mother in good health. He suggested to wait until evening, as the FIA’s investigation would be complete by then.

“We demand that the video be obtained in the court,” the lawyer added.

According to the girl’s medico-legal certificate (MLC), she had “laceration on head from vertex, on forehead, right side above eyebrow, swollen upper lips, laceration under upper lip on right side, broken left incisor and left canine, laceration on check, nose bleed, laceration on left side of vertex, multiple bruises on lower leg, fracture on right forearm, swollen left and right eyelids, bruise on right skull, laceration on back, multiple bruises on back and attempt on strangulation.”

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