Kashmiris see no respite from miseries: Abdullah

Says since August 2019, Indian govt has failed to fulfil its promises made with people of disputed territory.

SRINAGAR: The suffering and miseries of the people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir have increased since the Modi regime abolished the disputed territory’s status on August 5, 2019.

This was stated by National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah while addressing a party convention in Islamabad district if occupied Kashmir.

Abdullah said the occupying regime has failed on every front: it has trampled by basic rights of the people by using brutal force abd silencing voice and also deprived the locals of basic facilities of life despite making promises of development, employment, and anti-corruption measures.

He also referred to the widespread discontent across all sections of Jammu and Kashmir and highlighted the dire situation faced by contractors and the non-payment of dues, even to police vehicle providers for the past nine months. 

It may be mentioned here that the occupying Indian forces have let loose a wave of terror in the occupied area on the pretext of search operations. 

Scores of political leaders have been arrested on fake charges in put in notorious jails of India while many activists have been abducted and kept in undisclosed places against all norms of decency.

Despite all these brutalities and use of force, however, the people of the occupied territory are resolute in their mission to continue struggle till they get their right to Self-determination. 

The people of Kashmir also call upon the international community especially the United Nations to ensure their right to Self-determination as promised under the UN Security Council resolutions passed over 70 years ago.

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