Threatening letters to judges sent from Pindi GPO: police

Judges of Supreme Court and Lahore High Court also receive mysterious letters.

ISLAMABAD: Police on Wednesday told Islamabad High Court that some of the threatening letters sent to the judges of the high court were posted at the General Post Office in Rawalpindi.

On a short notice, DIG operations Islamabad Shehzad Nadeem appeared before the court hearing the case. The DIG told the court that initial investigation showed that the letters were dispatched from the GPO Rawalpindi but the stamp on it was illegible. He said the envelops had been sent for forensic analysis.

The judge expressed displeasure over the  progress made by the police after registration of the case and told the police officer that it showed efficiency of the police that except sending the envelops for analysis it had done nothing.

The DIG said that the police were investigating the case by analysing the footage of the CCTV cameras to trace the sender. He said on some envelopes the name of the sender was mentioned as Reshma and on others it was Reshman. 

He also told the court that the police would soon complete the investigation into the dispatch of the threatening letters laced with some infectious powder.

He said similar letters had also been received by the judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Lahore High Court.

Earlier, the chief justice of Lahore High Court received my a similar letter. Later, four judges of the court were also delivered similar letters. 

It may be mentioned here that the judges of the higher judiciary have received these mysterious letters after the Supreme Court formed a bench of seven judges to investigate allegations of interference by intelligence agencies from six judges of the Islamabad High Court.

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