Media running fake news to increase rating: CJP

If you continue airing fake news while sitting in office without clarification, people will never trust you.

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faez Isa on Wednesday seemed miffed over unauthenticated news run by TV channels.

During the hearing of a petition filed seeking re-elections in the country, the chief justice said that a mainstream TV channel ran a story that the apex court had a meeting on Saturday. He said he had never held a meeting with his colleagues that day. 

He regretted that the TV channel after airing the fake news did not even bother to run a clarification. He said judges cannot hold a press conference to clarify the fake news.

The chief justice said that it had become common for the media to run fake news without bothering to contact the concerned officials of the apex court. The media is doing this just to increase their viewership and rating.

It may be mentioned here that a retired army officer had filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking direction to declare the February 8 general elections as null and void and holding the polls afresh because of rigging and irregularities. 

The retired armyman later requested for the withdrawal of the petition but the apex court started hearing it and also ordered to trace out the petitioner and present him in court. Bit there is no clue to him.

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