Pakistan asks India to end illegal detention of Kashmiri activists

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has urged India to bring an end the unjustified and illegal detention of Khurram Pervaiz, Irfan Mairaj and numerous other Kashmiri activists who are languishing in jails for raising their voice against Indian oppression.

At her weekly news briefing in Islamabad on Thursday, Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said the United Nations Special Procedure for Human Rights have also expressed serious concerns at the arrest, detention and charges against Kashmiri Human Rights defenders, in   communication addressed to Government of India.

She said the communication by the UN Special Procedures is yet another indictment of the Indian occupation authorities in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir as it continues to silence and harass Kashmiri human rights defenders.

Describing the significant transition at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Spokesperson said Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi assumed the role of 32nd Foreign Secretary of Pakistan succeeding Ambassador Dr. Asad Majeed Khan.

Paying gratitude to outgoing Foreign Secretary Asad Majeed Khan, the Spokesperson said he will be remembered for his efforts for capacity building of the Foreign Service of Pakistan which will bear long-lasting fruits for the service and for the nation.

Responding to a question, she said Pakistan believes that individuals belonging to minorities are equal citizens of state and swift action will be taken against those who are involved in the Faisalabad incident.

Terming such incident as illegal and unconstitutional, she said the Prime Minister has also strongly condemned the reprehensible incident which hurt the sentiments of Christians.

Answering yet another question, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said it is the duty of India to provide fool proof security to Pakistani Cricket team participating in the ICC World Cup.

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