Peace, immediate relief to masses top priorities: CM

Newly-formed KP cabinet holds maiden meeting chaired by Gandapur.

ISLAMABAD: The first meeting of the newly-formed provincial cabinet was held at Civil Secretariat Peshawar on Friday with Chief Minister Ali Amin Khan Gandapur in the chair.

The chief minister welcomed the cabinet members and said an excellent cabinet team consisting of both experienced and fresh members had been formed.

“In the prevailing tough situation, we have got a huge responsibility; that’s why we have to work as a team to discharge it effectively.” He made it clear that henceforth all decisions will be made purely on merit and no one will be allowed to go against merit in the new system. Sustainable development of the province and wellbeing of the people will be our top priority, and for this purpose everyone has to perform and deliver according to public expectations.

Addressing a press conference after the cabinet meeting, the chief minister highlighted the priorities of his government and said maintaining law and order and providing immediate relief to people would be the top most priority.

He said that as a first relief step the provincial cabinet had formally decided to fully restore Sehat Card Plus scheme from the first of Ramazan this year. He said another important relief step, the cabinet had approved relief package for needy people during the holy month under which 850,000 households already listed in Ehsas and BISP would be provided with Rs10,000 per household at a cost of Rs8.5 billion.

Besides 115,000 additional households who were not listed in aforementioned programs for any reason would also be provided with Rs10,000 per household.

Similarly, he said directives had already been issued to reactivate all “Langar Khanas” established by the previous PTI provincial government, adding that a number of Langar Khanas had been made functional so far and all others would also be made functional by the Ramazan 1.

Dastarkhawans would also be arranged in the district and tehsil headquarters hospitals across the province so that people can have the facility of Sehri and Iftar during the holy month.

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