PIA air hostess detained in Canada

TORONTO: An air hostess of PIA has been detained here after arriving from Islamabad for carrying more than one passports which is against international rules.

Airport officials said that Hina Sani arrived in PK-789 and during checking the immigration staffers found multiple passports on her possession. The air hostess was then detained by the officials.

According to sources, Hina was among eight crew who were banned from flying to Canada on any flight but they had taken special permission from a deputy general manager.

In the recent past, a number of PIA air hostesses have disappeared after landing in Canadian airports.

In June lady year,  lFaiza Mukhtar was on duty in the PK-780 flight that landed in Toronto but afterwards she disappeared in the city.

The management of the PIA suspended the employee and also approached the Canadian authorities for action against her.

A number of similar incidents had occured in in the past when employees of the PIA slipped away in foreign countries.

In November 2023, two flight attendants slipped away after reaching Canada. The flight PK-772 had reached the Canadian city from Islamabad. In 2022, two attendants of the PIA also disappeared after reaching Canada.


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