PM stresses need to explore untapped mineral resources

Says Thar coal mines reserves are now being utilized for the development of Pakistan.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday stressed the need to explore untapped vast natural mineral reserves and promote the agriculture sector to put the country on path of development.

Addressing the inaugural session of “Pakistan Minerals Summit”, he said due to certain cartels the natural resources were not explored in the past.

The Prime Minister regretted that the country’s journey of 75 years was dotted with bitter factors as they could not fully exploit the precious natural deposits estimated at worth 6 trillion dollars.

He said the Thar coal mines reserves are now being utilized for the development of Pakistan.

He praised the leadership of Saudi Arabia for the financial support worth two billion dollars which also helped in reaching agreement with International Monetary Fund.

He said that NAB, unfortunately, created fears and harassed the business community and bureaucrats in the past as it was used a tool for political witch hunting of political opponents. 

He said the present government focused on building a strong nation.

The Prime Minister reiterated that Pakistan is keen to maintain friendly ties with all the countries for the mutual benefits of their people.

Without naming India, the Prime Minister said that Pakistan is ready to talk to its neigbhours, if there were serious matters on the table as wars are no solution to issues.

He said a Special Investment Facilitation Council had been set up for the first time consisting of all the stakeholders that would collaborate and facilitate execution of the development projects.

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