Balochistan paralyzed by week-long protest against rigging

Four political parties have staged sit-ins blocking roads in different parts of province.

QUETTA: Protests against rigging in the Feb 8 elections continued for the last one week in Balochistan affecting routine life.

Supporters of different political parties, including JUI-I, Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party, National Party, Balochistan National Party, Hazara Democratic Party have staged a sit-in outside the office of Quetta deputy commissioner for the last one week. The sit-in has now turned into a public gathering.

Addressing the protesters, Dr Abdul Malik of the BNP said under a conspiracy nationalist parties were being pushed to the wall which would not be tolerated.

In Chaman, protesters belonging to the ANP have set up a camp outside the district complex and vowed not to end the protest untill their demands were met.

In Qila Saifullah, protest launched by the JUI also continued for the last one week. In Nasirabad, the PPP has been protesting against change of results in the Provincial Assembly seat of PB-14 and demanding announcement of results according to firm 45.

Moreover, protesters have blocked highways linking the province with Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakthunkhwa. 

The protesters said that their candidates had been deprived of victory by rigging and tampering of ballot papers. They said that they would continue their protest till action was taken on their allegations. 

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