Pakistan against adding more permanent members to UNSC

Ambassador says Islamabad is for consensus proposal to add to UNSC only non-permanent members.

WASHINGTON: While India has been trying hard to get permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council, Pakistan has always opposed it for long.

Speaking at an Inter-Governmental Negotiations at the UN in New York, Pakistan’s permanent representative Munir Akram said the principles of inclusivity, equity and consensus should be embedded in reform process of the world body.

“Pakistan reaffirms its alignment with uniting for consensus proposal to only add to the UNSC non-permanent members,” he added.

The ambassador also urged the Human Rights Council of the United Nations to pay more attention to economic, social and cultural rights instead of disproportionately focusing on human rights situations in developing countries.

There was also a debate on the future of UNHRC in which Ambassador Akram spoke and highlighted the need for avoiding double standards in addressing rights issues at the UN. He said some situations were prominently projected and amplified at the council while more serious issues like Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine were ignored.

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