WB-funded project launched to deal with climate change

Livelihood awareness training event held at Karigar Garhebara Agricultural Training Center in Khyber district.

BARA: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Rural Investment and Institutional Support Project (RIISP), a Wold Bank project, has started proper and scientific utilization of land to deal with climate change.
In this regard, a livelihood awareness training event was held at Karigar Garhebara Agricultural Training Center in Khyber district in which besides farmers officials of the Agriculture Department, Additional Secretary Tahir Khan, DG Mergers Area Murad Ali Khan, Deputy Director Mergers Area Saeed were present.
On the occasion, a sapling campaign was also inaugurated and saplings will also be distributed among farmers.
Speakers on the occasion said to deal with climate change, the Department of Agriculture had started the project with the support of World Bank to promote modern environment-friendly agricultural technology for the lands.
Our aim is to inform the landowners about new projects in agriculture. To be aware and increase the productivity of crops with the promotion of modern agricultural technology, to provide training to farmers to be aware of modern technology.
They said for the convenience of farmers in the merged districts, the promotion of agriculture and modern has started the supply of machines, the aim of which is to increase the production of crops by promoting mechanized farming.
They said the aim of the Department of Agriculture was to train farmers, facilitate agriculture and modern technology to get more benefit from less resources and more production. Landlords will be given regular training regarding modern technology to be achieved.

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