Rickshaw driver’s kind gesture promotes girl education

Every day Arab Shah drives 200 girls to school for free and ensures their safe journey back home.

Irshadullah khan

Every day, a generous auto-rickshaw driver volunteers to transport not just 1-2 but 200 girls to school for free and ensures their safe journey back home.

Imagine the emotions a brother might experience upon realizing that his sisters couldn’t attend school simply because they lacked transportation, as was the case for 33-year-old auto driver Arab Shah in Peshawar, Pakistan.

His five sisters faced educational barriers due to insufficient means to reach school. In response, Arab Shah took it upon himself to provide free transportation to around 200 girls in Peshawar. Having undertaken this initiative for nine years. Arab said, “I have been giving pick-up and drop-off services to girls because my five sisters couldn’t attend school due to transportation issues. Now, I don’t want other girls to face similar challenges, so I am offering free pick-up and drop-off services for 200 girls.”

Arab Shah, residing in Pir Bala near Peshawar City, facilitated numerous girls in pursuing education, enabling them to progress to college and university. Expressing joy in making education accessible for underprivileged girls, Arab Shah emphasized the satisfaction derived from their academic achievements.

Many girls acknowledged his pivotal role, stating that without Arab Bhaijaan, their educational aspirations would have been unattainable. Inspired by Arab Shah’s commitment, the girls’ families hold him in high regard, viewing him as an elder brother who significantly contributed to their daughters’ education. Local residents regard Shah as a hero for his impactful efforts.

Arab shah told News Diplomacy that Malala Yousafzai bought four cars for Arab Shah with her financial support and provides free transport to two hundred female students.

Arab Shah said that He do free pick and drop from seven in the morning to three in the afternoon, after that I drive a rickshaw till 11 o’clock at night to fill up the fuel. I have four vehicles and want every girl in our country to get education because poor girls cannot afford the cost of transportation.

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