We want poll irregularities probed in Pakistan: Donald Lu

Assistant secretary for South Asia says Imran Khan's allegations against US were white lies.

WASHINGTON: US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Donald Lu has said that the US wants Pakistan to probe alleged irregularities in the February 8 elections.

He was speaking during a discussion on the Pak-US relations in the US Congress in Wednesday. Mr Lu said that there were reports of irregularities in the general elections held in Pakistan on February 8. He said workers of some political parties harassed media persons. 

Many political parties were also not provided equal opportunity of electioneering. He said it was the Election Commission of Pakistan to look into the rigging allegations and irregularities. Mr Lu said that there were also some positive aspects to the elections in Pakistan like rising number of youth and women participation in the elections.

About the cipher case, Mr Lu said that Pakistan’s former ambassador to US Asad Majid had also said that the allegations of the PTI founder Imran Khan were unfounded.

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