We will not stand by and let another Gujarat happen; FM Qureshi

ISLAMABAD:  Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi says Pakistan will not stay silent, allowing the fascist Indian government to round up Muslims to be beaten and killed.

In a series of tweets, FM Qureshi said India’s discriminatory treatment against Muslims is aimed at having their nationalities stripped, their livelihoods robbed, their demography changed and their future insecure.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi said world bodies like the United Nations and Organization of Islamic Cooperation have supported Pakistan to counter rising cases of anti-Muslim violence and Islamophobia in India to initiate a working group for collective action.

The Minister said Pakistan has consistently appealed to condemn Modi’s Dravidian supremacist ideology with relentless Islamophobia, violence and regional instability perpetuated. The Foreign Minister said we will not stand by and let another Gujarat happen.

He welcomed UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres agreement on need to counter Islamophobia and earlier censure by Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission of OIC.

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