A hater called out Mahira for not talking about Kashmir except she did

KARACHI: Mahira Khan has had enough of people hating on her for no reason and she’s shown it.

The actor clapped back at a hater on social media who tried to call her out for not speaking up about Kashmir. The Twitter user did not refrain from using a harsh tone and comparing Mahira to Sonam Kapoor, who recently said she doesn’t know enough about the situation in Kashmir to comment on it.

Except Mahira did talk about it.

And she made sure the hater knew it as she responded to the tweet, sharing the post she had made regarding the issue and calling the person out for not really checking her posts like he claimed to have done so.

“You didn’t bother checking my timeline. Here, I did it for you. That’s all, now you can continue to abuse and call me names.”

Game, set and match.

To all the trolls, all we’re saying is go ahead and call people out when you think they’re wrong but do your research. Doesn’t hurt to be well-informed and it will save you from potential burns in the future.

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