COMSTECH announces winners of its science awards

ISLAMABAD: The OIC Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH) has announced the names of recipients of its awards for the year 2023 in recognition of their outstanding contributions to scientific research and innovation within the OIC community.

The recipients have been selected through a rigorous peer-review process. The 2023 awardees represent the pinnacle of scientific accomplishment across various disciplines. Their dedication has significantly advanced scientific knowledge and fostered innovation.

COMSTECH Life-Time Contributions Award in Physics has been jointly awarded to Yasaman Farzan (Iran) and Asghari Maqsood (Pakistan), and the second award of same category in Mathematics has been bestowed to Saieed Akbari Feyzaabaadi (Iran).

Young Researcher Award won by Ahmed Zeeshan (Pakistan), COMSTECH Best Scientific Book Award won by Mohd Sapuan SALIT (Malaysia), COMSTECH Best Patent Award won jointly by Somayyeh KOOHI (Iran) and AMRY Youssef (Morocco), COMSTECH Best Research Paper Award in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics has been awarded jointly to Imen Khouni (Tunisia) and Shujaul Mulk Khan (Pakistan), Naseem Iqbal (Pakistan) and Ismail Ocsoy (Turkiye), Kushairi Mohd Salleh (Malaysia) and Ambreen Kalsoom (Pakistan), respectively, whereas K M Ariful Kabir (Bangladesh) has won in same category award in Mathematics.

Beyond individual recognition, the COMSTECH Awards celebrate the spirit of collaboration that drives scientific progress. The awardees’ willingness to share their expertise inspires future generations of researchers within the OIC and across the globe.

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