Strike in Malakand Division against imposition of taxes

Traders say Malakand Division was declared tax-free zone when these ex-states joined Pakistan.


UPPER DIR: A shutter-down strike is being observed in all the districts of Malakand Division today against the government’s plan to impose taxes in Malakand Division from July 1 this year.

A joint meeting of traders held in Timergara two days ago said Malakand Division had been declared a tax-free zone for 100 years after the merger of former Dir, Swat and Chitral states into Pakistan.

They said the region was affected by militancy, flash floods, earthquakes and military operations, but even then the government planned to impose different taxes, which they said would be strongly resisted.

They decided to observe a shutter-down strike on May 14. Backing the announcement, traders and political representatives of Chitral at a meeting on Saturday also announced to observe a strike on Tuesday. They also asked the people of Chitral to join the strike to foil the government bid of imposing taxes on them.

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