IHC reject petition seeking dismiss of Aviation Minister

Muhammad Abbas

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad High Court has rejected a petition after hearing on Wednesday which were seeking a dismiss of Aviation Minister from his post after his contentious remarks in the National Assembly (NA) about pilots dubious licenses, while announcing its reserved decision earlier in the morning.

IHC said in its verdict that if the federal minister statement has caused any damage to the country so it is the “duty of the Prime Minister” to “take action” against him. The court avoid interfering in the constitutional right of accountability of the federal minister, it is added in the decision.

Furthermore, earlier on Wednesday the petitioner’s lawyer said to the court that Ghulam Sarwar gave irresponsible statement about 262 pilots, following that Europe put ban for six months on Pakistan International Airlines PIA flights. If the degree of someone were fake, the minister was needed to act secretly against him/her, said the petitioner’s lawyer.

The petitioner’s lawyer said, due to the minister statement Pakistan is facing shame in the whole world. While Justice Athar said that a detail verdict will be issued regarding this.

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