Investment in women pledged to accelerate progress

ISLAMABAD: S&P Global Pakistan celebrated March 2024 as ‘Women’s History Month’, aligning with the United Nation’s International Women’s Day theme for 2024, ‘Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress’. 

S&P Global said it has undertaken various activities in collaboration with its People Resource Group WINS (Women’s Initiative for Networking & Success). These initiatives aim to amplify women’s voices, invest in their growth and development, and break down barriers to equality.

Mujeeb Zahur, Managing Director S&P Global Pakistan, said, “I am excited about our continued focus towards empowering the women workforce that help them break barriers and reshape narratives. As a part of Women’s History Month, our Women’s Recruitment Drive is one such initiative that identifies and nurtures female talent for upcoming positions at S&P Global Pakistan. We believe in providing equal opportunities and ensuring a diverse workforce that reflects our values and culture.”

To inspire and empower its workforce, S&P Global Pakistan has curated inspirational sessions led by accomplished women leaders through its People Resource Group WINS . These sessions provide personal insights into the challenges and successes faced by women in the workplace, serving as a learning platform for aspiring women entering the job market.

Additionally, S&P Global organized a workshop titled ‘Resume Building and Networking’ to equip women with the skills needed to craft the perfect resume and leverage various networking platforms for professional growth.

Samia Qamar, Director People at S&P Global Pakistan, highlighting the company’s focus on women empowerment said, “Our aim is to provide a platform for women to share their views and opinions without any judgement and encouraging them to claim their space, and forging pathways to success in a world where opportunities are abundant but not always equally distributed.”

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