Molana Fazal announces mass protest drive from April 25th

Says he does not recognize current assemblies as these are products of rigging.

ISLAMABAD: JUI-F chief Molana Fazlur Rehman is on warpath against establishment and has announced to launch a mass protest drive from April 25.

After facing severe drubbing in the February 8 general elections, the JUI-F has announced to boycott the forthcoming by-election. In a video message on social media, Rehman’s party announced a protest movement from Balochistan from April 25.

It said the current assemblies were do not represent the masses but consisted of stooges of the establishment. The JUI-F has already rejected the results of the Feb 8 elections.

It said the party has decided to knock the door of the masses and would launch a movement on April 25 from Balochistan. 

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