Karachi plane crash happen due to human erroneously: report

Muhammad Abbas

KARACHI: Karachi plane crash has been happened suspiciously due to human erroneously, it is said in an initial report issued on Minday.

There is no technical fault in plane has been found from black-box observstion from International Airlines Company.

According to initial report, first time the plane landed from 9’000 feet and collided with runway, after that it do not want to be flown the plane. The plane crash happened due to miscoordination and irresponsible behaviours of the pilot and ATC workers, it is added.

Furthermore, the report says plane were flying by extra speed and height from the beginning. However, after the second take off the plane had been flown for 17 minutes, said in a report.

According to the report, Air Sight Unit did not picked up the plane parts from runway 12 hours after the first failed landing. According to rules ATC staff must to be relieved from duty after the incident, unfortunatley they were being worked till evening 7 pm on the incident day.

During briefing, it is said that the first engine of the plane was installed on 25 February 2019, and second engine on 27 May 2019. Th thrice landing gears of the plane were installed on 18 October 2014, said in a briefing.

As per the report, the crashed plane also flew one day ago of its crash. The inspection of the plane were last time did in 2018, said in the report.

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