Pilot and ATC “did not followed” the procedure: Ghulam Sarwar

Pilots Organization's memebers include in inquiry board, says Aviation Minister

‎ISLAMABAD: Pilots organization’s members have been included in inquiry board and “we” had made the initial report public, said Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan on Wednesday in National Assembly meeting.

He said the government has given compensation to the berieved families each with 1 million rupees of all the deceased 90 people of Karachi plane crash. The pilots of the plane were medically fit for flight, Ghulam Sarwar added.

Aviation Minister said during the flight the pilot did not pointed out about any fault in the engine. The plane were totally fit for flight according to initial report, he said.

According to initial report the Air Traffic Controller three times try to refocused the pilot for not landing and instructed him to one more turn around, but the pilot bypassed the instructions, Ghulam Sarwar said.

He said without landing gear the plane collided with runway for three times which damaged the engine.

Furthermore, Aviation Minister said the pilot and ATC did not followed the procedure.

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