Hamas chief’s three sons martyred in air strike

CAIRO: Israel continued its barbarism in Ramazan and intensified its atrocities on Eidul Fitr, killing three sons of Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh, according to media reports.

Israeli jets targetted a refugee camp in northwest of Gaza where the family of Ismail Haniyeh was taking shelter. In an interview, Ismail Hania told Al Jazeera TV that his three embraced martyrdom in the Israeli air strike. 

Haniyeh was informed about the tragedy when he was meeting injured people brought to a hospital in Qatar from Gaza.

The three sons – Hazem, Amir and Mohammad – were killed after the car they were driving in was bombed in Gaza’s Al-Shati camp, Hamas said. Three of Haniyeh’s grandchildren were also killed in the attack and a third was wounded, Hamas media said.

“The blood of my sons is not dearer than the blood of our people,” Haniyeh, 61, who has 13 sons and daughters according to Hamas sources, told pan-Arab Al Jazeera TV.

Meanwhile, the Israeli forces continued targeting civilians and refugees despite calls from around the world to stop the killings.

US President Joe Biden who is under immense pressure within his country and abroad also called upon the Israeli prime minister to stop the attacks.

On the other hand, the Zionist state seems unmoved and blood thirsty and vowed to continue the attacks on Palestine. It also warned that in case of an attack from Iran on any of its interests, a war will be staged against Iran.

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