OIC representatives slam Indian atrocious in occupied Kashmir

Today, I stand before you as first hand victim by Indian forces, says Kashmiri leader.

JEDDAH: Representatives of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states in Jeddah condemned persistent atrocities of occupation forces in the Indian illegal occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

The programme organised by Pakistan’s Permanent Representative in OIC Ambassador Syed Fawwad Sher was chaired by OIC’s Assistant Secretary General OIC.

Consul General of Pakistan Khalid Majid, Chairman of the Kashmir Committee Jeddah Masood Puri and OIC’s Assistant Secretary General addressed the forum.

The international community gathered on the occasion also visited the exhibition of photos and pictures displayed to express and reveal the Indian forceful occupation and killings in the Kashmir valley.

A video message of Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Committee Altaf Bhat was also shared his video message on the occasion.

Bhat, in his message, said: “Today, I stand before you as first hand victim by Indian Forces and represents the besieged and oppressed people of Indian illegally occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

“This is Altaf Ahmed Bhat, Born in Shankerpora Srinagar in Indian Illegal occupation and have been compelled to live in exile just because of my activism for our birth right, right to self-determination.”

“Now I would like to shed light on the somber realities that have unfolded since 5th, August 2019, when the Modi-led BJP Government of India unilaterally abrogated articles 370 and 35-A, revoked the special status of State of Jammu and Kashmir and snatched our Statehood.”

In the wake of this decision, the region has witnessed an unprecedented reign of terror unleashed by Modi led BJP Govt of India through its one million occupation forces deployed in IIOJK, which is presently the world’s highest Military Zone in this peaceful, progressive and prosperous world.

“The aftermath of this decision has been marked by a series of alarming events.

Educational institutes, which are the cornerstone of any progressive society, are being destroyed, depriving our youth of their right to education because of limited internet access, our youth cannot avail brightness of future.

Local businesses, the lifeline of our economy, have been systematically destroyed, bringing economic hardship to bent besieged people from firm stand of Right to Self Determination.

The economy of State of IIOJK is being deliberately targeted, inflicting suffering on the people as a means of punishment. for their unwavering demand for the Plebiscite right as recognized by the UN resolutions.

“However, amid these challenges, it is essential to acknowledge that Kashmiris have never accepted the Indian illegal occupation.

“Our struggle for the right to self-determination continues with undying spirit and determination,” the Kashmiri leader said.

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