Pakistanis willing to leave Bishkek should be facilitated: PM

Another plan leaves for Biskek to bring back Pakistanis today, say officials.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has directed that all Pakistanis, especially students, who want to return from Kyrgyzstan after mob attacks in Bishkek should be facilitated for their immediate travel back home.

While a private plane brought 140 Pakistanis including 30 students from the Central Asian country on Saturday, another plan was expected to arrive in Pakistan with 130 more Pakistanis today.

The prime minister in a telephonic conversation with Pakistan’s ambassador to Kyrgyzstan said if any Pakistani wants to return even if the situation in Bishkek is normal they should be facilitated and all the expenses would be borne by the government.

A number of Pakistani students were reported injured when mobs attacked hostels of students from different countries a few days ago.

The ambassador told the prime minister that he met senior government officials who assured him that the situation was now under complete control and all Pakistanis were safe. However, the prime minister said that if any Pakistani national wants to leave they should be facilitated. 

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