PPP opposes privatization of PIA

Senator Sherry Rehman says national flag carrier can be run up nder public-private partnership.

ISLAMABAD: While the government is all set to privatize Pakistan International Airlines, the PPP has come out to oppose the plan.

Speaking at a program in a TV channel, PPP leader Senator Sherry Rehman said that her party was against privatization of the PIA. She said the national flag carrier can be turned into a profitable organization by operating it under the public-private partnership basis.

It may be mentioned here that new finance minister Aurangzeb Khan has already indicated privatization of different government entities and said PIA was on top of the list for privatization.

Information minister Ata Tarar yesterday said that tender for the sale of the PIA would be floated by May this year.

The opposition by the PIA also shows an uneasy relationship between the two major political parties in the government. However, the PIA has become a white elephant and causing huge losses to the national exchequer.

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