We cannot make everyone happy & smile, says diplomat

Pakistan's mission in Spain has been under criticism for delays in issuance and renewal of passports.

BARECLONA: Pakistan’s consul general Murad Ali Wazir here said we cannot keep everyone happy and satisfied all the time. There can be positive criticism but we should not become part of propaganda that can tarnish the image of our country. 

It may be noted that for months the Pakistani mission in Spain has been criticized by the diaspora for delays in issuance and renewal of passports.

The consul general explained that Pakistanis can apply for issuance and renewal of passports from home online but there can be issues if the applications are filed through public call centers or internet cafes. 

He added that applications submitted through call centers created suspicions and needed thorough verification that leads to delays.

Moreover, some expats lose their passports frequently and apply for the new ones abd in that case the files are sent to Pakistan that consumes long time to complete the process.

The consul general also said that interviews and verifications are carried out for issuance of passports to all those who have taken asylum in Spain.

He said the job of the diplomatic staff was not to make everyone happy and smile but to perform their duty based on merit and following the set rules and regulations of the government. He said Pakistanis should avoid hurling accusations or making criticism that could affect the image of Pakistan.

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