New York rally urges world to take notice of Indian atrocities in Kashmir

Large number of people attend protest rally held to mark Youm-e-Istehsal Kashmir on Aug 5.

NEW YORK: A large number of people attended a gathering at Times Square in  New York to condemn the Indian illegal action of Aug 5, 2019, and its continued human rights violations and killings in the occupied valley.
This rally was organized by World Kashmir Awareness Forum, Acna Council for Social Justice and other organizations of Kashmiris living in America.
The participants of the rally were carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans condemning the Indian occupation of Kashmir and extrajudicial killing of innocent people in Kashmir by the occupation forces.
The participants also chanted slogans against the silence of the international community and the United Nations failure to ensure implementation of its resolutions to give the people of Kashmir their promised right to self determination.
They also chanted ‘What we want, Freedom”, ‘Stop state terrorism’, ‘Stop genocide of Kashmiris’, ‘Free Yasin Malik’, and stop judicial terrorism etc.
Speakers on the occasion urged the international community to take notice of the Indian atrocities and pressure New Delhi to stop human rights violations and give the Kashmiris a chance to decide their future.

They also appealed to the international community to play its role in ending the Indian occupation snd ensuring the right of self determination to the people of Kashmir.

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