Why I was sacked in 1993 and ’99, asks Nawaz

Every time we came to power our govt worked for development but every time we were removed at the cost of development.

LAHORE: Former prime minister and PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif on Saturday said he was removed from power three times after being elected as prime minister of the country.

Addressing a meeting of candidates for the tickets of the party for the forthcoming elections, he asked, “Why I was removed in 1993 and 1999? Was I removed because of the questions I raised about the Kargil war?”

He said that the last four years were very distressing for him as well as for the nation. The former three time prime minister said that in his tenure, the economic condition in the country was stable and the country was on the track of progress but all of a sudden some characters appeared on the scene and made everything topsy-turvy.

“From 2023 to 2017, when we were in power, the country was progressing in every sector while the economic meltdown started in 2019 and reached the state of destruction in 2022,” he said referring to the tenure of Imran Khan.

He complained that every time his party came to power it worked for the development of the country but every time his government was packed at the cost of the welfare of the people.

Nawaz Sharif said he had opposed the Kargil war and time proved that his opposition to the war was based on national interests. He said we will never move back from the interests of Pakistan, adding we carried out nuclear explosions and made the defence of the country stronger.

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