Women empowering programs held in Khyber district

Total of 550 women from Bara and Tirah tehsils participate in community resilience workshops.

PESHAWAR: The Khyber district administration, in partnership with the Community Resilience Activity North (CRA-N), conducted a grant program aimed at empowering women through community resilience workshops.

In the 13 five-day workshops and 10 two-day training sessions on community resilience and social cohesion, a total of 550 women from Bara and Tirah tehsils were imparted training.

The workshops included a diverse range of participants, such as youth, members of the District Committee on the Status of Somen (DCSW), students, healthcare practitioners, madrassa teachers, and government teachers from local community-based organizations (CBOs) like Khyber Brave Sister Organization, Alam Godar Falahi Committee, Khidmat -e- Khalaq Committee, and Bismillah CBO.

The closing ceremony of the grant program was held at Alam Gudar village of Bara, with 29 community women in attendance.

These women came from various backgrounds, including youth, university graduates, healthcare practitioners, local councilors, religious leaders, and government teachers associated with local CBOs.

During the ceremony, the impact of the resilience activities implemented in three female schools across Khyber district was discussed. The beneficiaries praised the quality and transparency of the services provided, expressing gratitude for the successful achievement of the project’s objectives.

Additionally, participants emphasized the importance of the training and follow-on community engagement sessions, which not only motivated females, especially young students, but also boosted their confidence through the knowledge, skills, and lessons acquired as part of the project activities conducted by CRA-North.

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