Imran takes U-turn on Gohar as PTI chairman

Sher Afzal Marwat says Gohar Ali Khan was dropped as candidate due to his lack of leadership qualities.

ISLAMABAD: Jailed PTI founder and former prime minister Imran Khan has taken a U-turn on nomination of Gohar Ali Khan Adv. as the party chairman and named Barrister Ali Zafar for the slot instead.

Talking to media, PTI leader Sher Afzal Khan Marwat said Imran had decided to nominate Ali Zafar for the post of chairman PTI because of the lack of leadership qualities in Gohar. He said Gohar is a gentle man but has no leadership qualities.

He was of the view that Gohar remained chairman of the party for three months during which he failed to manage the affairs in an organized way and neither could lead the workers’ protests against excesses on the party. 

It may be noted that before the general elections the PTI had announced to hold an intra-party elections with the nomination of Gohar for the post of the chairman. However, the polls were delayed and now the PTI is going to hold teh intra-party election and the name of Gohar for the chairmanship has been replaced with Ali Zafar.    

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