UN official praises role of Pakistani peacekeepers

So far, 181 Pakistani peacekeepers have laid down their lives in peacekeeping operations around world.

RAWALPINDI:  Pakistani peacekeepers have been playing a commendable role in restoring and maintaining peace and stability in areas of conflicts across the world.

The testament to their efforts is evident from the fact that so far 181 Pakistani peacekeepers have laid their lives during the UN peacekeeping operations around the world.

The services of the Pakistani peacekeepers have always been acknowledged and they have been given numerous awards by the UN.

Interacting with Pakistani peacekeepers serving the UN Interim Security Force for Abyei, The head of the UN peacekeeping operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix hailed the efforts of the Pakistanis and said establishment of peace was collective desire of all nations.  

He laid a wreath at the martyrs’ monument and observed one-minute silence in honour of the memory of the fallen Pakistan Army soldiers.

The unit commander of the Pakistani peacekeepers briefed the visiting guests about the initiatives undertaken by the Pakistan battalion to ensure peace and stability in the area.

They were also informed about the role and tasks being undertaken by the Pakistan battalion’s female staff in the allied areas such as healthcare in addition to peacekeeping duties. 

Lacroix also recalled his recent visit to Wahga border near Lahore where he was also briefed about the efforts of Pakistan to promote religious harmony, citing the establishment of Kartarpur Corridor. The special envoy showed her keen interest in personally visiting the corridor.

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